Credit to @nerdswithknives Goat Cheese-Stuffed Phyllo / Filo Triangles With Hot Honey Drizzle!

Credit to @nerdswithknives Goat Cheese-Stuffed Phyllo / Filo Triangles With Hot Honey Drizzle!

Hot. Honey. Drizzle. Are there three sexier words in the English language? (Except for “Accrington Stanley supporter”, obviously).

If we had our druthers (we don’t), we’d drizzle this spicy goodness on pretty much everything that’s too slow to move out of the way. Fish suppers. Breakfast cereal. The dog. You get the idea. It’s sweet and just a little spicy, and adds a kick of deliciousness to basically anything.

As it happens, right now we’re drizzling it on the crispy cheese and peach stuffed phyllo triangles we made this week. They’re flavored with goat cheese, smoked mozarella and thyme, and are a fantastic party snack, or just a treat for yourselves.

We also explore a really important lesson in the kitchen: know your limits. Sure, we follow the TV baking shows, and marvel at contestants’ ability to form basic ingredients from scratch. Would we LIKE to be able to make phyllo dough ourselves, by hand, using ancient, time-honored traditional methods? Well, sure. Do we WANT to? No, not really. It takes forever and our pastry skills are, honestly, not that great. While there’s perfectly good store-bought phyllo dough to be had, we’ll use that, and be glad that there are phyllo experts to do the work for us.

Spicy honey, though? That we CAN make ourselves, and we’re mighty happy we did. If you want to find out how, get the link to the recipe from our profile page. Happy drizzling!
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