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Credit to @chefdavej Halloween maybe over but it’s definitely time to be thinking about your next Treat! We take a big , beautiful British Sirloin on the bone and marinate in fermented black garlic , black and white peppercorns and smoked sea salt . After 12 hours it’s ready for the water bath ! This process isn’t just for fun or because it’s the cheffy thing to do … an hour using the sous vide process locks in the flavours of the marinade and stars to tenderise this beautiful piece of meat . On order we seal the beef on the @chefslocker Konro charcoal grill where we can really caramelise the fat and that insane marinade and create a lovely crust around the meat . Seasoned again with our in house Chinese steak seasoning it is served with some wok tossed Chinese mushrooms and a fiery Cantonese Black Pepper sauce …( very different from the Classic French equivalent ) The steak is allowed to rest and then carefully sliced away from the bone and into delicate chop stick friendly pieces allowing you to dip into the sauce or just straight into the mouth !

Didn’t associate Steaks with Chinese food? I was a served the best steak I’ve ever eaten in Tianjin and this is my ode to that Stunning dish . Sourcing local North West breeds of cattle for our menus bring the carbon footprint right down and helps us move @lubanliverpool to a sustainable future

You can Treat someone special to Champagne, steak, lobster and dessert for £49 per guest (min 2 guests).
Available on Thursday and Friday at Lu Ban.

🥢 @chefdavej
📸 @allenmarkey

Perfect for an anniversary, birthday, special occasion or just a midweek special treat.

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