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Credit to @david_batala My Chicken Liver Parfait Recipe!

Credit to @david_batala My Chicken Liver Parfait Recipe!

500g Chicken Livers Cleaned
500g Foie Gras
200g Madeira
200g Ruby Port
200g Cognac or Brandy
3x Large Banana Shallots Sliced
5g of Thyme
4x Cloves of Garlic
2x Bay Leaves
20g of Sea Salt
15g of Sel Rose
6g Ground White Pepper
750g of Butter
8x Whole Eggs

1. Sweat the shallots, garlic, thyme and bay leaf for about 5 minutes until soft but not coloured. Pour in the madeira, port and brandy, then turn the heat up and simmer until the liquid has reduced to syrupy consistency and cool.(remove the thyme and bay leaves)

2. Once the mixture is chilled, preheat an oven to 120ºC.
Transfer the mixture to a blender along with the raw chicken livers, foie, eggs and room temperature unsalted butter and blend until completely smooth. Pour the mixture through a fine sieve or chinois into an ovenproof dish.

3. Set up a bain-marie in the oven (a large roasting tin half-filled with boiling water). Lower the dish of parfait into the boiling water and cook in the oven until the parfait has set like a custard (around 45-60 minutes) or until the middle reaches 67-70ºC

4. Remove the cooked parfait from the oven and allow to cool to room temperature and chill overnight.

📷 chicken livers, apple compote & bitter leaf salad on the pic #simple

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