Credit to @palmieripastrychef #Caramel #brownies

Credit to @palmieripastrychef
#Caramel #brownies… do you wanna try?
280 g caster sugar
140 g butter 82% fat
80 g cocoa powder
120 g whole eggs
65 g weak flour type “00”
110 g dark chocolate 55%
180 g hazelnuts, coarsely chopped

whisk the butter with the sugar, you will get a compact mass , add the cocoa powder and flush the previously mixed eggs, flour and then the melted chocolate with hazelnuts. Place in 2 baking pan (to this dose, the measurements are 30 x 40cm approximately) bake at 180 ° C for about 25 minutes. let cool down.

185 g white sugar
90 g 35% cream
25 g glucose syrup
15 g butter

Melt the sugar (180°C) add the glucose syrup, bring to boil the cream, add in the caramel in a few steps (be careful with the steam) , let cool down to 35\40°C and add the butter and stir gently.

Put this caramel sauce in between the two brownies sheets (let’s help with a frame.)

Let cool down In the fridge all night long.
Cut squares and enjoy it!

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