Credit to @whatstormeats Japanese braised boar, onsen egg

Credit to @whatstormeats Japanese braised boar, onsen egg

One of my go-to dishes when we go out for Japanese food is the unctuous, braised pork belly. It is gelatinous and rich, in a gorgeously sweet, salty sauce. It is sometimes served with a little dab of English mustard and I have been known to slurp up those porky juices straight out of the bowl more than once, it is that good. I have been meaning to do my take on it for a while, but when I spotted some stunning wild boar from @the_shropshire_boar_company in @nottinghillfishshop – I knew this dish was destined for great things. The Japanese recipes usually use belly pork but I got my hands on what was essentially boar brisket and I knew with a little time, it would be just as good, if not better. The taste of the boar is deeper, richer and gamier than pork which works perfectly with these flavours.

Simmered for a few hours with aromats of garlic, spring onion and ginger until tender and then lacquered in a bloody, umami-laden, salty-sweet sauce made from a reduction of dashi, soy, mirin, sake and sugar. The dish doesn’t require a deal more other than served on steamed rice, a gloriously goey onsen egg and a sprinkling of spring onion. Full recipe can be found over with @nottinghillfishshop 🐗

The beautiful @the_shropshire_boar_company boar is available from @nottinghillfishshop as well as majority of all the other ingredients for this dish. I also added a dab of @wasabigrowersuk yuzu mustard alongside that perfectly cooked onsen egg. Beautiful bowl and chopsticks from @madeinjapanuk

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