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Credit to @whatstormeats XO butter skate wing

Credit to @whatstormeats XO butter skate wing

A heady combination of xo sauce, chicken stock and a hell of a lot of butter; All emulsified together which yields the most umami-laden sauce which is unctuously rich with the salty, spicy punch from the XO. For me, this buttery flavour bomb of a sauce works wonderfully with the gelatinous, meaty skate wing. I’m a big fan of skate and will only cook it, bone in with a shed load of butter. Filleting it is fiddly and something, let’s be honest, not many of us can be bothered with. It cooks better on the bone, popped in a roasting hot oven for a matter of a few minutes before being basted heavily in this delicious sauce. The skate takes the sauce well – although, I am a big believer that delicate fish shouldn’t just be paired with delicate flavourings. Some fish (like skate) can hold it, I promise. Be bold with the flavours because it pays off. Rice on the side is pretty obligatory for mopping up that lipsmackingly good sauce.

Beautiful bone in skate from the brilliant @nottinghillfishshop & @lkkeurope XO sauce ?

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