New Service – Looking to grow your Instagram account? Let Chef Selection help

Looking to grow your Instagram account? Let Chef Selection help manage and grow your Instagram Account Click link in our profile

After successfully trial managing 6 accounts over the last few months, we feel confident to scale up to managing 25 accounts

I am not professing to be an Instagram expert, as I’m constantly learning new tricks and actually this is what I enjoy, the challenge of “if that didn’t work, why not? How do I make it work, or what do I have to change to make it work?”

If you would like to be on the journey with us, please click the link HERE for more info and sign up!

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£39.99 Monthly subscription (can be cancelled anytime)

Service provided will include initial online chat; to discuss exactly what you are looking to achieve. Agreeing posting frequency and style. (we have a large archive of images that we can use for most niches) but readily welcome and encourage the use of your own photo images. (we can style, crop, resize etc) Agreeing Hashtags and setup of your account on our system. We are looking to collaborate with you to develop your ideas and hopefully enhance them so that you can sit back, relax and gain an overview and add insight as your account grows. We accept no responsibility for the copyright or validity of content that you provide, all content that We create, produce and post will be fully licensed giving you the ability to share it to other networks or repost it. The internet is an unusual place and we accept no responsibility or liability for loss of revenue etc if posts fail to post but we will do everything within our power to correct the situation by either rescheduling or adding extra posts to your account. Our aim is to work with you and build an amazing relationship with you so that you will recommend us to your friends.. if that doesn't happen you can cancel at any time* Accounts are paid 1 month in advance we do not offer refunds for days not used within each billing cycle. But we hope you will be really happy with the level of service provided and this situation will never occur.

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