Why Have a Logo?
A Logo makes your Company and Branding instantly recognisable to people

In the UK the original ‘logos’ were Painted signs put outside buildings so that people who couldn’t read could identify an object with a purpose (Shoes – Cobblers, Bakeries etc). Possibly more importantly identified; were different pubs for example if none of your mates could read, could be very annoying if they went to one pub and you went to another, much simpler to agree to meet at the Horse, Plough, Dog & Duck etc..

4 Main types of Logo


Icons – are flat object’ that immediately lets people know what you do / sell


Typography – Use of Letters either company Name or Initials


Graphic – object created for the company (maybe a refined Icon)


Image – Image of a recognised object or person
Some logos may be an Icon with Typography or Image, but in general most online logos are simple and identifiable
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