Credit to @chefhalim.w lobster

Credit to @chefhalim.w Behold…A creamy concoction of stunningly tender lobster meat, al dente barley grains, and savoury XO chilli paste, all stewing in a rich foamy bisque sauce. +Follow ?‍? ?? @chefhalim.w @tastytunisia . Please Like and Comment below and remember to check out and follow the original poster “Tag” @chefselection into your posts, they […]

Credit to Red Cabbage Cured Salmon

Credit to Making cured salmon is quite easy, it just takes time. This time I made a red cabbage cured salmon with pearl barley, a leek garlic-chive cream and Togarashi pepper. I marinaded the salmon for 15 hours in a mixture of red cabbage, red onions, salt, sugar, pepper and coriander seed. ? . […]