Credit to @claudisfoodworld Nicecream

Credit to @claudisfoodworld Hey fellas, yesterday I tried to make #nicecream without adding any liquid – and it worked ? So here’s the super simple recipe for this VANILLA NICECREAM * 4 frozen banana * seed of 1/2 vanilla bean, scraped out Blended until creamy and topped with berries and pistachios ❤️ Kisses, Claudi ? […]

Credit to @memysmoothiesandlife Creeeamy Green Nicecream

Credit to @memysmoothiesandlife Creeeamy Green Nicecream ?? (half of it in disguise, don’t tell your kids ??) topped with peanut butter + berries and puffed quinoa.? Eat or pass?? The recipe: ? – 1 scoop Forever Ultra vanilla protein/nutrition powder – 2 frozen and very ripe (black dots) bananas – 100 g frozen mango – […]