Credit to @thewildebeestnorfolk

Credit to @thewildebeestnorfolk Chef Patron Daniel Smith loves baked onions – red onions baked whole then pan cooked to caramelise. ​. Please Like and Comment below and remember to check out and follow the original poster “Tag” @chefselection into your posts, they show up in our tagged section, we repost our favourites from there . […]

Credit to @cheftomaskolkus Kohlrabi, charred baby onion petals

Credit to @cheftomaskolkus Kohlrabi, charred baby onion petals, parsley stalks noodles, sesame ponzu & rocket oil. “No waste, in our case” Last week @archfooduk and @native_plate got together for a brainstorming session to crack the code with kitchen food waste. Think, why waste ingredients that we are paying for? Why disrespect the produce that hard-working […]